What is meant by chattel slavery

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End of Chapter question-

1. What is meant by chattel slavery? Why was slavery in America more brutal than other slave institutions?

2. In what manner did the slaves fight back against slavery?

3. How does the Willie Lynch speech still impact blacks and whites today?

4. Is equal opportunity a reality today for blacks, why or why not?

5. Is the following a true or false statement: All whites were in favor of slavery, explain your answer.

6. What does the following:

• Racial profiling (targeting individuals for suspicion of crime or wrong doing based on the individual's race),
• Current (2014/2015) police brutality or killing by police of unarmed Black men,
• Racial disparities (unequal care due to race) in health care according to the 2010 National Healthcare Disparities Report

Have to do with stereotypes and prejudices toward blacks and how can this create unequal treatment of Blacks in the workplace?

Internet Exercise-

Using the Internet, go to http://inventors.about.com/od/blackinventors/a/black_inventors.htm or to the following site to look at a more extensive list of black inventors http://inventors.about.coinlibrary/bIblackimentors.him or go to www.google.com and type: black inventors

• Now list eight to nine of the inventions that would change how you interact in your life.

• Now answer the following question: Blacks seem to be highlighted when it comes to sports and entertainment or civil rights-what is your view on sharing these important scientific contributions to U.S. society, how can this cultural knowledge (area of knowledge and contribution perceived as only for the intellectual best) change or enhance one's view of Blacks? How could it help Black children? How could it help non-Black children?

Reference no: EM13848255

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