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A neutron star and a black hole are 2.400e+12 m from each other at a certain point in their orbit. The neutron star has a mass of 2.78×1030 kg and the black hole has a mass of 9.94×1030 kg. What is magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the two?


The diameter of the sun is 865,000 miles (use the radius) and distance to the sun is 93,000,000 miles. Utilize a scale with 1 mm as the radius of the sun. How many millimeters from the sun would the earth is using this scale?


The radius of a hydrogen nucleus is 1.4*10^-15 meters. Total hydrogen atom has a radius of .53A or 5.3*10-11m. How numerous times larger is the atom than its necleus?

A. 7.2*10^-16

B. 1.93*10^-15

C. 3.8*10^4

D. 7.2*10^4

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