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The exam will cover material from Sandel on Kant, Rawls and Aristotle, Slade on ends and poses, Frankfurt on love and serious living, from Thomas Aquinas on love and law and from Aristotle Books 1 through 5
A. There will be one question from the following questions, the long essay (about 35 minutes of your exam time):

1. Do we have obligations beyond or outside of those we evidently consent to observe (Sandel)?
2. What is love in the teaching of Thomas Aquinas?
3. What is justice for Aristotle? Present the various kinds of justice and their relationship to each other.
B. There will be 2 or 3 short answer questions on the exam from the following:

1. In Sandel, what is the difference between the choosing self and the situated or narrative self and why is this so important for his thought?
2. What is the distinction in Slade between "end" and "purpose"? Illustrate this diffence in an example showing their proper relationship.
3. For Frankfurt, why do we need final ends in our life?
4. What is the "dear self" in Frankfurt and why is it important for his teaching?
5. What is courage for aristotle?

C. the exam, there will 10 terms from the following list that you will asked to define: From Thomas; 1. Natural love., 2. Love of friendship, 3. Love of desiring or concupiscence; from Sandel; 4. "choosing self', 5. "situated self"; from Kant; 6. Hypothetical imperative, 7. Categorical imperative, 8. "dear self"; from Frankfurt, 9. Rational necessity, 10. volitional necessity ; from Aristotle; 11. Moral virtue. 12. Distributive justice. 13. lawful justice (as opposed to justice as the fair), 14. rectificatory justice, 15. Justice as reciprocity, 16. Natural justice, 17. Legal justice, 18. Equity, 19. Wish, 20. Choice, 21. A self-sufficient life, 22. Temperance, 23. Self-indulgence

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Reference no: EM13872807

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