What is locals operating margin

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Local Co. has sales of $10.4 million and cost of sales of $6.4 million. Its selling, general and administrative expenses are $510,000 and its research and development is $1.2 million. It has annual depreciation charges of $1.3 million and a tax rate of 35%.
a. What is Locals gross margin?
b. What is Locals operating margin?
c. What is Locals net profit margin?

Reference no: EM13269026

Which bond has the higher yield after inflation

If a similar US dollar denominated bond yielded 6.0%, which bond has the higher yield after inflation? Is the difference less than .2%? Assume the current spot is $1.2200/E

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How data was used to calculate WACC. This would be the formula and the formula with your values substituted. Sources for your data. A discussion of how much confidence you hav

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You are thinking of investing in Tikki's Torches, Inc. You have only the following information on the firm at year-end 2008: net income = $690,000, total debt = $13.9 millio

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Provide brief but clear Answers the following finance question: 1. What is the difference between the excise duty and the sales tax? 2. Can a person fill a NRI in an Income ta

How are four parts of sociotechnical system multiple outcome

A good consultant would demonstrate the best method to achieving goals simply by leading by example which would be taught to leading managers in the organization. Elaborate

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What was the fair value of all stock-based compensation Peet’s granted to employees in 2008? How many stock options did Peet’s have outstanding at the end of 2008?

What is the firm net float

Charlies' writes 135 checks a day for an average amount of $480 each. These checks generally clear the bank in 3 days. In addition, the firm generally receives an average of $

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In July 2014, the average price of a Big Mac was £2.80 in Britain and $4.20 in the U.S. The actual exchange rate was $1.60/£. Please answer the following questions:1)Where can


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