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The MacMillen Company has equal amounts of low-risk, average-risk, and high-risk projects. The firm's overall WACC is 12%. The CFO believes that this is the correct WACC for the company's average-risk projects, but that a lower rate should be used for lower-risk projects and a higher rate for higher-risk projects. The CEO disagrees, on the grounds that even though projects have different risks, the WACC used to evaluate each project should be the same because the company obtains capital for all projects from the same sources. If the CEO's position is accepted, what is likely to happen over time?

Reference no: EM13291376

What annual interest rate is consolidated freightways paying

Consolidated Freightways is financing a new truck with a loan of $60,000 to be repaid in six annual end-of-year installments of $13,375. What annual interest rate is Consoli

How many new shares should be given per one old share

What stock split would be required to get to this price, assuming the transaction has no effect on the total market value? Put another way, how many new shares should be giv

What is the projected inventory turnover ratio for year

Fairchild Garden Supply expects $600 million of sales this year, and it forecasts a 15% increase for next year. The CFO uses this equation to forecast inventory requirements

What will the value of this stock be 5 years from today

Long Life Floors just paid an annual dividend of $0.82 a share and plans on increasing future dividends by 2 percent annually. The discount rate is 15 percent. What will the

What is buster enterprises total cash receipts

The company must have a minimum cash balance of 20,000 at the beginning of each month. What is Buster Enterprises' total cash receipts or total collections for April 2006. R

How is a competitor a stakeholder

It is hard to believe a competitor is a stakeholder,isn't the goal of competition to win and perhaps even dominate the market? If so, how can a company have an interest in t

What is the present value of your winning lottery ticket

You have just won a lottery! You will receive $50,000 a year beginning one year from now for 20 years. If your required rate of return is 10%, what is the present value of y

What are the dangers and disadvantages of using a financial

Corporate financial plans are often used as a basis for judging subsequent performance. What can be learned from such comparisons? What problems might arise and how might yo


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