What is labor lands labor force participation rate
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Suppose the civilian no institutionalized working age population is 35.9 million in Labor land, 4.6 million are working part time, and 15.71 million are working full time. Labor land used the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) definitions for unemployment date. Among those not working, the most recent job search activity for 3.20 million happened less than two weeks ago, while 1.72 million most recently looked for work between two and four weeks ago. An additional 0.86 million most recently looked for work five weeks ago, the remaining 9.81 million who don't have jobs have not looked for work in the past six weeks. Round your answers to two decimal places

What is Labor land's total labor force?

What is Labor land's labor force participation rate?

How many people are unemployed in Labor land?

What is Labor land's unemployment rate?

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