What is kevin and jim agi as a married couple filing jointly

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Question - What is Kevin & Jim's AGI as a married couple filing jointly?

Kevin's salary $94,000

Jim's salary 33,000

Municipal bond interest 2,400

Interest on C.D.s at Universal Savings 3,100

*Qualified dividend on GM stock 1,600

*Qualified dividends should be reported as both qualified and ordinary on the tax forms.


Eye exam and eyeglasses for Aubrynne 600

Orthodontic work to correct Bryson's congenital defect 2,500

Medical insurance premiums (paid on an after tax basis) 1,800

State withholding for income tax 8,800

Federal withholding for income tax 16,000

State income taxes paid with last year's return 500

Property tax on condo 1,100

Ad valorem Property tax on automobile 300

Home mortgage interest 10,200

Interest on credit cards 200

Cash contribution to Oregon Meditation center 3,900

Cash contribution to a senator's campaign 1,500

Reference no: EM132184645

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