What is its volume in cubic meters

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The Golden Jubilee, the largest cut diamond in the world, has the mass of 545.67 carats (1 carat = 200. mg). The density of diamaond is 3.51 g/cm^3. Answer questions below using the scientific notation with the proper significant figure.

a. What is its volume in cubic meters?

b. What is its average diameter in milimeters when its shape is assumed to be a perfect sphere?

Reference no: EM131001568

How far will the electron travel before itstops

An electron with speed v0 = 1.7 multiplied by 106 m/s is traveling parallel toan electric field of magnitude E = 7.0 multiplied by 103 N/C. How far will the electron travel

What is the rms voltage output of the generator

A 460-loop circular armature coil with a diameter of 9.0 cm rotates at 190rev/s in a uniform magnetic field of strength 0.55T. What is the rms voltage output of the generator

Determine the required distance between lenses

The telescope should allow you to view an animal 100 m from the objective with the final image being formed 1.0 m from the eyepiece. Don't forget to consider which side of t

At what rate is thermal energy generated in the loop

If 43.0 cm of copper wire(diameter=1.22 mm, resistivity=1.69E-8?·m) is formed into a circular loop and placed perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field that is increasing at

Lengthand width of a plate and spacing between the plates

The dimensions of a parallel-plate capacitor are all increased by afactor of nine. By what factordoes the capacitance change? (The dimensions refer to the lengthand width of a

What is the maximum height reached by the rocket

A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 50.0 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 1.50 m/s2 until its engines stop at an alt

Determine how much heat is removed from the house

The temperatures indoors and outdoors are 303 and 313 K, respectively. A Carnot air conditioner deposits 6.64 105 J of heat outdoors. How much heat is removed from the house

Calculate the applied torque on the flywheel

A flywheel of mass 189 kg has an effective radius of 0.61 m (assume the mass is concentrated along a circumference located at the effective radius of the flywheel). What is


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