What is its sustainable growth rate

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Company 'x' has retention rate of 50%, sales $25000, beginning equity $50000, profit margins of 10%, asset turnover ratio of .75 and debt of $10000. what is its sustainable growth rate?

Reference no: EM13230456

What factors were considered for choosing entity-attribute

A football club has a name, a stadium with a playing ground, and a team made up of players. A player can play for only one club. Each team is managed by a manager, represented

N terms of managing customer expectations

In terms of managing customer expectations, what are the three possible outcomes that may occur when expectations are compared to actual product performance? What should marke

Triple bottom line which includes consideration of economic

From a development/business standpoint, sustainability has been defined as the triple bottom line which includes consideration of economic, environmental and social factors. I

Conduct a short five-forces analysis of staples

Conduct a short Five-Forces analysis of Staples using Dr. Michael Porter’s Five Forces. The Five Forces are: 1. Threat of new entrants. 2. Threat of substitutes. 3. Bargaining

Workplace diversity training

You have been asked to design a diversity training program for incoming freshman at your school. Using Kirkpatrick model discussed in chapter 8, give one example of each of th

What facilities do the port and free zone offer

What facilities do the Port and Free Zone offer which attract companies and what benefits would your company, distributors, retailers and end consumers gain by holding invento

Potential lawsuits related to over-consumption of alcohol

What are some of the ways in which the meeting professional and the facility can protect themselves and each other from potential lawsuits related to over-consumption of alcoh

Case study on production plainning and quality management

The memory chip manufacturer is also thinking about relocating one of their existing plants. Your boss is not sure that they should do so. He has asked you to write a white


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