What is its return on stockholders equity

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Network Communications has total assets of $1,500,000 and current assists of $612,000. It turns over its fixed assists three times a year. It has $319,000 of debt. Its return on sales is 8 percent. What is its return on stockholders’ equity?

Reference no: EM13722023

What is the dividend payout ratio

Last year, a firm earned $61,200 in net income on sales of $217,600. The company paid $8,500 in dividends. What is the dividend payout ratio? K Toys just paid its annual divid

Contrast operating leases and financial leases

Define leasing, compare and contrast operating leases and financial (or capital) leases. How does the Financial Accounting Standards Boards Statement No.13 define a financial

Calculate the payment

$500 per quarter is deposited at the end of each quarter into a fund earning a nominal rate of 6% convertible quarterly for five years. The moment after the last payment is ma

What is the present value of this investment

An investment pays you $20,000 at the end of this year, and $10,000 at the end of each of the four following years. What is the present value (PV) of this investment, given th

What factors must rocket sports consider setting their price

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What was your capital gains yield on this investment

You purchased 200 shares of a stock for $28.33 a share and sold the shares one year later for $27.16 a share. Over the year, you received a total of $.90 in dividends per shar

What is the minimum annual revenue required from machine

A new machine costs $150,000, and lasts 10 years with salvage value of $15,000. Annual operating costs are $50,000. If you want to make a 20% return on investment, what is the

What is average accounting rate of return on this project

The Jensen Company has compiled the following information about a project they are considering. Initial cost: $850,000, to be depreciated straight line over 5 years Cash Flows


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