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Part 1 : We see in "Rip Van Winkle" themes of generational change, continuity, preservation, and tradition. Written nearly half a century after the American Revolution, in "Rip Van Winkle" Irving is making a statement about the Revolution. What is it Washington Irving is trying to convey to the reader through his story? Do any of the surrounding characters have roles or represent themes related to the Revolution? If so, what might those be?

Part 2: James Fenimore Cooper challenges the reader to consider who really owns the land and its natural resources. What evidence is in there of natural law versus human law? What can we say about individual freedoms versus the ideal of equal opportunities protected by the institutions of a justly ordered society? Express these juxtapositions using lines from the reading as support. And then please add your opinion of ownership and conservation, law, and freedoms.

Reference no: EM131149727

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Generate an example of cultural change from each of the three categories: Invention, Discovery, and Diffusion. Describe why each of these is important to the development of cu

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why decision-makers should consider a policy change? what circumstances (e.g., changes in government, leadership, stability, etc.) have changed that make a new approach advi

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Identify what appeals are used to advance the author's purpose. Review the stylistic techniques egsimile, metaphor, allusion, parallelism, repetition, rhetorical question.

An advantage to group therapy is that groups

Fear of being in a place or situation from which escape is difficult or impossible if something should go wrong is called ________. An advantage to group therapy is that grou

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Choose either utilitarian or deontological ethical theory to apply to the ethical question - Explain the core principles of that theory and demonstrate how the principles of t

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Is China probably to undergo the important political reform over next 20 years? Be certain to describe underlying social, economic and political forces.

How social change affects culture through the processes

After you do the online investigation of just one society, post the link(s) you used. Write a two-three sentence comment about this evidence you found that the traditions of


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