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Question: Explaining a Concept Paper - Must be a minimum of 1250 words with at least three (3) outside sources. Use a separate reference page to document your sources (which do not count toward the overall word count). Refer to easybib on how to cite your references per MLA guidelines. Reference page must be in MLA format, however, when citing sources in the paper itself, use footnote style referencing like (1) or (2) after the sentence with the source used.

Write an essay about your chosen concept. The purpose of this essay is to present and explain a concept, in this case a debatable issue. Your task is to explain what the debatable issue is, what it means, and its significance to our school, community, state, and/or society. Think of this task as explaining to your reader "What is X?" "What does X mean?" "What is the importance of X?"

You will not express an opinion, argue a point, persuade the reader to accept or reject an idea, or take a stance in this essay.

Essay Conventions and Structure

This essay should be written in the THIRD PERSON. "I/We and You" will not be used.

The essay is thesis-driven. The thesis in this case is based on definition, data, and example. It answers the question, "What is _________ (the topic). Let's say that you choose capital punishment as your topic. Your thesis could be a definition that answers that question. A good thesis statement might be something like, "Capital Punishment is "

Your thesis will explain to the reader what capital punishment is' the body of the paper will develop this definition using multiple definition strategies, examples, and logical presentation of facts and expert opinion from sources you find in Points of View Reference Center collections.

Essay Structure

Reader Frame and Thesis Statement/Topic Forecast: The Reader Frame introduces the topic and orients the reader to the ways you will develop the topic. The Thesis Statement is a direct, explicit assertion explaining the main message of the essay: in this case, a definition of the topic is a good choice. "Capital Punishment is ...." You may also include a forecast list of supporting ide/topics.

Body Paragraphs: You will develop the topic by providing dictionary definitions, working definitions using examples, facts, and expert opinions based on the sources you find in Points of View and other collections. You must develop your explanation of the topic/concept clearly and in detail using your source material to support your assertions. You must document your sources in the body of your text using parenthetical documentation (Author Name Page Number) and in a Works Cited page.

Conclusion: The conclusion of your essay may be summative, but the summary must also make the reader understand and consider carefully the meaning and significance of the debatable topic as a concept. What is it about the topic you have explained that is important to the reader.

Reference no: EM132184958

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