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One thousand Patients called up Dr. Kalikorn and asked him to perform a new surgical procedure. Dr. Kalikorn booked all 1,000 and told them that he could perform twice as many procedures, if only he had more patients. What is his quantity supplied?

Reference no: EM13898743

Total economic profits-average fixed and total cost

Bob makes hand-sewn sweaters, 250 of them per year, sold for $200 each. His annual costs are: fabric for $300, thread for $50, a sewing machine that is leased annually for $40

Consider the effects of such a policy on the labor market

Policymakers sometimes propose laws requiring firms to give workers certain fringe benefits, such as health insurance or paid parental leave. Let's consider the effects of suc

The nature of the moral hazard problem

Explain carefully, but concisely, the nature of the moral hazard problem that results from the federal deposit insurance system, explaining the roles played by both depositors

Monetary policy has not yielded any results

Given this information, explain why this monetary policy has not yielded any results. Use the aggregate demand/aggregate supply (AD/AS) model to aid in your answer, and assume

A goal of expansionary monetary policy

A goal of expansionary monetary policy is to: Lower interest rates are generally charged on more risky investments and on securities that have longer maturities. The barter sy

Moneys function as standard of deferred payment

To be effective, an item used as money should serve several functions. Select the statement that best describes money's function as a standard of deferred payment. a. That a c

Describe one marketing fail and what happened

Describe one "marketing fail". Describe what happened. (Include an external link to an article describing what happened or an example of the fail.) Describe the fallout/negati

Overcome ethnic conflicts and differences within caliphate

How do you explain the rise of Islam to dominance over such a large region, from the 7th to 13th centuries, despite the existence of strong rival religions, supported by power


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