What is his explanation for why we did not expand medicare

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a. Why does Krugman call Obamacare “The Big Kluge”? What is his explanation for why we didn’t expand Medicare? What do the two interest groups – the currently insured and the Insurance Industry have in common?

b. Where does Douthat claim the Medicaid program gets its cost control? What are the two arguments Douthat makes for catastrophic insurance only?

Reference no: EM131104311

Describe how the activities influenced your awareness

Describe how the activities influenced your awareness and understanding of the interrelationship between business and society and describe how the readings and journalling ac

Calculate what would happen to the real interest rate

Use the following Taylor rule to calculate what would happen to the real interest rate if inflation increased by 3 percentage points. If inflation goes up by 3 percentage poin

Delivery curve bananas have shifted

Studies Explain how among which of the delivery curve bananas have shifted. All of the subsequent could be possible explanations for the shift except one. Which is the exemp

Describe the effect that destabilized credit and mortgage

Finance The financial sector has a profound influence on important macroeconomic variables like GDP growth, employment and inflation. Describe recent financial crises and desc

Unemployment using the basic phillips curve relationship

Explain the relationship between wages/prices and unemployment using the basic Phillips Curve (PC) relationship. Explain Friedman and Phelps modification to the basic PC, thei

Consider numerical example using the Solow growth model

Consider a numerical example using the Solow growth model. Suppose that F(K,N) = K^ 0.5N^ 0.5, with d = 0.1, s = 0.2, n = 0.01, and z = 1, and take a period to be a year. Dete

One asset management ratio-inventory turnover ratio

One asset management ratio, the inventory turnover ratio, is defined as revenues divided by inventories. Would this ratio be more important for a medical device manufacturer o

Consider country whose national income

Consider a country whose national income is $750 Million and whose population is 12.5 million. Assume in this country that the rich are 20% of the population and own 85% of th


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