What is group behavior like under elon musk

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Please help me write the following information on Elon Musk and his company Tesla

What is group behavior like under Elon Musk? (SIZE & DYNAMICS, COHESIVENESS, DIVERSITY)

For example: size and dynamics: Does the size of a group affect the group’s overall behavior of Tesla

Cohesiveness affects group productivity so, how does it effect Tesla

Diversity appears to increase group conflict, especially in the early stages of a group’s tenure; this often lowers group morale and raises dropout rates. One study compared groups that were culturally diverse and homogeneous. how it is affecting tesla.

Reference no: EM132280629

How would you resolve the dilemma

Suppose your company is offered a large contract to do business in a country where women are not culturally accepted as management officers. The dilemma is that the person in

Material requirements planning-just in time manufacturing

What is the impact of technology on an organization? How does organizational technology facilitate sophisticated materials management systems such as JIT (Just in Time manufac

Calculate total labour hours and expenses per day

The manager for a craft brewery has narrowed down the search for a new facility location to two communities: communities in the province of Ontario (Canada) and the state of N

Individuals are constantly bombarded with information

As consumers, individuals are constantly bombarded with information. Some of this information is _____ such as through billboards, airplane messages, and loud speakers at K-ma

Illustrate what volume does the equipment choice change

The variable cost would decrease $0.25 per unit. Volume for the new also improved product should rise to 50,000 units. Should the organization invest in the new equipment. At

What is the attestation clause for wills

Trusts are used to transfer property that is to be held and managed for the benefit of another person or persons. What is the attestation clause for wills? A testamentary trus

Establish adequate controls and mitigate potential risks

As more businesses establish an online presence and conduct various aspects of their business online, these new opportunities also present new challenges. What best practices

Develop plan before executing business-related decisions

Explain three to four (3-4) potential effects of the failure of managers to develop a plan before executing major business-related decisions within their organizations. Provid


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