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You are considering going to graduate school for a one-year master's program. You have done some research and believe that the master's degree will add $6,000 per year to your salary for the next 10 years of your working life, starting at the end of this year. From then on, after the next 10 years, it makes no difference. Completing the master's program will cost you $36,000, which you would have to borrow at an interest rate of 6%. Is this investment in your education profitable?

Reference no: EM13207809

Describe what is the governments tax revenue

Economic 101 The supply of luxury boats is perfectly elastic, the demand for luxury boats is unit elastic, and with no tax on luxury boats, the price of luxury boats is $1 m

Equation for the monopolist''s marginal revenue funtion

A monopolist's inverse demand function is P = 150 - 3Q. The company produces output at two facilities; the marginal cost of producing at facility 1 is MC1(Q1) = 6Q1, and the

What are some mechanisms for protecting the environment

What are some mechanisms for protecting the environment? Are these sufficient? Justify your answers.Report style required. Harvard referencing. Assignments must contain a cove

Compute a consumer price index for apples for each year

Abby consumes only apples. In year1, red apples cost $1 each, green apples cost $2 each, and Abby buys 10 red apples. In year 2, red apples cost $2, green apples cost $1, an

How students and faculty compare basic statistical question

What do these data tell you about differences among groups of respondents? (Note: The researcher was correct. Our tests are specifically designed to hold the probability of a

What is the variability in q is explained by the equation

Obtain a linear function for demand in the form Q = A +bP using linear regression formulae (contained in the book/appendix)from these five price/quantity points: P= 20, 17, 15

Create a potential burden on future generations of americans

(Burden of the Debt) Suppose that budget deficits are financed to a considerable extent by foreigners. How does this create a potential burden on future generations of Ameri

Find what is the equation for jackís budget line

The current interest rate (at which he is free to borrow and lend) is 5 per cent. This means that if Jack saves one dollar today, he will get 1.05 dollars tomorrow. Also, if


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