What is expected impact of fall the business confidence

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1. What is the expected change in the net export of Thailand and explain its impact of Thailand economy using AD and AS curves?

2. Other things being constant what is expected change in real GDP, due to changes in subsidies?

3. What is the expected impact of fall the business confidence? Explain with suitable diagram(s).

4. Will monetary policy help to increase the investment by private sector in the presence of fall in the business policy? Explain your answer.

5. "Prime Minister Thansin Shinawatra has said that his government infrastructure spending plains will buffer the economy against external shocks and spark new domestic growth beginning in 2005". What type of macroeconomic policy the Thailand government has taken? Support the prime minister's statement with the theoretical background of this statement and with suitable diagram.

Reference no: EM1356896

Provided for retirement income

Mr. Jones intends to retire in 20 years at the age of 65. As yet he has not provided for retirement income, and he wants to set up a periodic savings plan to do this. If he ma

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If you deposit $2000 in a bank and if the annual interest rate is 2% in year 1 and 5% in year 2 and 8% in year 3, how much money will you have in your account at the end of ye

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The market equilibrium wage is currently $12 per hour among hairdressers. At that wage 17,323 hairdressers are currently employed in the state. The state legislature then sets

Sole producer-output level-selling price and total profits

Zar Island Gas Company is the sole producer of natural gas in the remote island country of Zar. The company's operations are regulated by the State Energy Commission. The dema

Using supply and demand curves

If the demand increases for a product like gasoline and there is no change in the supply of gasoline at the same time, then using SUPPLY and DEMAND CURVES, the new equilibrium

What was the effective annual interest rate

You received a check from the bank for $18000. You know $7000 was deposited when you turned 1. Using your current age (please state it), what was the effective annual interest

Market for authentic poutine in vancouver is controlled

The market for authentic poutine in Vancouver is controlled by two shops, PierrePoutine (i = P) and Mean Poutine (i = M). The market demand is given by p = 12−q, where p is th

Make the focus be on the ethics of the theory

Show an understanding of John Locke's economic theory and then provide an analysis of its ethical aspects. Make the focus be on the Ethics of the theory, and explain the reaso


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