What is equivalent resistance of a transformer

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Assume a voltage source supplies an AC voltage of amplitude V(o) between its output terminals. If the output terminals are connected to an external circuit, and an ac current of amplitude I(o) flows out of the terminals then the equivalent resistance of the external circuit is R(eq) = V(o) / I(o).

If a transformer with N(p) and N(s) turns in its primary and secondary, respectively, is placed between the source and the resistor (primary facing voltage source, secondary facing resistor), what is R(eq)?

Reference no: EM13285164

Find the force between a charged circular loop of radius

find the force between a charged circular loop of radius b and uniform charge density P l and a point charge Q located on the loop axis at a distance h from the plane

What will be measured voltage if voltmeter has resistances

A circuit has a Thevenin equivalent circuit consisting of a voltage source of 10 V and an output resistance of 20 O. A non-ideal voltmeter is used to measure the source volt

What is max number of telephones an end office can support

the average telephone is used to make four calls per 8hour workday with a mean call duration of 6 min. Ten percent of the calls are long distance. what is the maximum number

Determine position of current max nearest the load

A 50 (ohm) lossless transmission line is terminated in a load with impedance Z= (30-j50) ohm. the wavelength is 8cm. Determine: (a) reflection coefficient (solved: 0.1 - j0.56

Determine the maximum average tidal power at the site

A tidal energy system has an average tidal range of 5 m and a basin area of 21.5km^2. The system is designed to generate power during both incoming and outgoing tides. The s

What potential will be required to reduce photocurrent

The work function of platinum is 4.09ev what retarding potential will be required to reduce the photocurrent to zero in a photoelectric experiment with Pt electrodes if the

Determine the resistor length in cm cross-sectional area

A material with a bulk resistivity of p = 120 Om is to be used to manufacture a 75 kO resistor that must dissipate P = 80 W of power. The maximum allowable current density f

Verify the numerical solution using state variables matches

define state variables, determine the required initial conditions, and use Matlab to solve for voltages Vc(t) and Vo(t). Plot the results, and verify that the numerical solu


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