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1. Ability to sense and understand emotions is called _____ _______ (two words).

2. A personality assessment tool that is commonly used that identifies preferences between pairs of terms is the MBTI, or more commonly known as the ________-________.

3. What is emotional intelligence?

4. What do the letters INTJ stand for in a Myers-Briggs personality profile?

5. How does delegation involve the organization and its people?



1. A type of trust that is formed by observing that a person's truthfulness is supported by observable facts is called ________ _________ (two words).

2. A type of trust that is formed by knowing that the other person would not risk the penalties for being untruthful is called the high cost of ________.

3. A type of trust that is formed by knowing that the other person is acting in his or her own self-interest is called ___-________ trust.

4. A type of trust that is formed by evaluating a person? motives and concluding that they are not hostile is called an attribute of ________________.

5. To create trust, a manager should align official goals with ______ goals.

6. The Humm Factor is a method to collect ________ information about a project that indicates the gut feeling that the project team has about a project.

7. A short statement about the project that captures its purpose and character that could be relayed in less than a minute is called an _________ story.

8. How does lack of trust affect filtering of information, and how does that affect the project?

9. What are four types of trust?

10. How can a manager create trust?

11. What are three main meeting types and what are their characteristics?

12. How do functional, cross-functional, and problem-solving teams differ from each other?

13. What is the purpose of the Humm Factor?


1. The project ________ is developed by communicating what is important, communicating what gives status, and aligning operational and official rules.

2. How can innovation achieve improvement in goals?

Reference no: EM13311315

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