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Introduction to Management Assessment Title: Research Questions & Applications

Your Task:

The assessment does not require an introduction, conclusion or table of contents. Please refer to the marking criteria to assist as a guideline to help complete the tasks.

You are to research, analyse and reflect on all of the following 3 questions:

Question 1: from week eight content:

What is emotional intelligence (EI) and how important is it in the workplace?

Question 2: from week nine content:

a) Give five practical suggestions for motivating employees and explain why you think they are effective; apply theory explored during the course. Draw on work or study experiences and other examples to support your answer.

b) Explain what motivates you.

Question 3: from week ten content:

Based on the theories covered, discuss the importance of leadership for an organisation. Draw on work or study experiences and other examples to support your answer.

Reference no: EM131523866

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Australian student, 1100-1200 words. Reference guide: in-text referencing and reference list may include references using weekly readings, text books and journal articles. Referencing should be in Harvard style - refer to Kaplan ‘Harvard Referencing Concise Guide’.


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Clearly understands topics and gives comprehensive definitions. All aspects of the discussion are relevant. Analysis demonstrates comprehensive understanding and valid judgement. Discussion is supported by a substantial range of credible and current sources. Sentences and paragraphs are well structured and clear so the reader can focus on what is written. Vocabulary is professional, appropriate and extensive and Grammar, spelling and punctuation are flawless, which allows the reader to focus on the message. Document professionally presented in terms of KBS guidelines and assignment instructions. In-text referencing and reference list format correct.

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