What is difference in moral hazard and adverse selection

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a) What is the difference between moral hazard and adverse selection?

b) ?Car Depreciation problem: A common complaint is that a new car will depreciate by 25% as soon as the new owner drives it off the lot. This information comes from resale price data from cars sold just months after the initial purchase. How does adverse selection imply that most cars depreciate much less?

c) Samantha often forgets to lock her house. This has caused the probability of a burglary to be 30%. If her house gets broken into, she faces a property loss of $10,000, otherwise she gets to keep her $100,000. If Samantha is offered an insurance policy for her house to protect her from loss at $3,000, what is her expected wealth?

d) Both Nadia and Samantha are applying to insure their car against theft. Nadia lives in a secure neighborhood, where the probability of theft is 10%. Samantha lives in a lesser secure neighborhood where the probability of theft is 25%. Both Nadia and Samantha own cars worth $10,000, and are willing to pay $100 over expected loss for insurance. How much would Nadia be willing to pay for the insurance?

e) Tom wants to avoid any accidents on the work floor of his factory. If an accident does occur, it would cost him $500,000 in damages. Installing safety equipment would decrease the probability of an accident occurring from 20% to 10%. However, the equipment costs $20,000 to install. What is his expected loss after installing the safety equipment?

Reference no: EM131083597

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