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1) What is Data warehouse, OLTP, metadata. What is the relationship between them. What are the differences between them.?

2) Program related to use of pow() function, writing the factorial calculation program?

Reference no: EM132184872

Disadvantages of using a programming language

A programming language is a notation for representing algorithms and data structures. List two advantages and two disadvantages of using a programming language as the sole n

Define a work breakdown structure

Summarize the project requirements and other assumptions (i.e., budget, human resources, workload, environmental dependencies, etc.). Define a work breakdown structure and de

Describe how cpu can achieve i-o with teletype by registers

Consider a computer system that contains an I/O module controlling a simple keyboard/ printer Teletype. Describe how de CPU, using the first four registers listed in this prob

Design requirements or circuit materials

Speaking of Design effort for digital and analog circuits: It might be argued that an offsetting difference is that digital circuits require more transistors than functiona

Compare with that of a general pda

c) Could the Mark 100 or Mark 200X process this string: 0n1n? How about 1n0m1m0n? Succinctly justify you answer. d) How does the power of the Mark 100 and Mark 200X compare

Comment on the usefulness of this probability statement

Invoking the usual normality assumptions, find an expression for the probability that a negative estimate of a variance component will be obtained by the analysis of varianc

Based on unix systems security model

Based on UNIX systems security model, the Linux security model is as rigid as the UNIX security model--and sometimes even more robust. In Linux, every file is owned by a user

Write a vhdl description of a full adder

Derive expressions for S and Co using only AND and OR operators. Hence write a VHDL description of a full adder as a netlist of AND and OR gates and inverters. Do not includ


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