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1) What is Data warehouse, OLTP, metadata. What is the relationship between them. What are the differences between them.?

2) Program related to use of pow() function, writing the factorial calculation program?

Reference no: EM132183873

Modify the knight''s tour program

A closed tour occurs when the 64th move is one move away from the location in which the knight started the tour. Modify the Knight's Tour program you wrote to test for a clo

Exploring oop and its data structures

Object-oriented programming has been adopted widely because of its capability to reuse code. Most application development software provides class libraries and extensive sup

Determining the cybersecurity industry

You have been invited to present your "case study research" Is there a cybersecurity industry? during a "lightening round" panel for your CTO's monthly "brown bag" luncheon.

What interview techniques do companies employ

Watch the "Interview" video found on the student media website. What interview techniques do companies employ? From your experience, have you been in an interview when these

What is the probability of rolling the outcome snake eyes

What is the probability of rolling the outcome "snake eyes" (two ones) with these loaded dice? (c) What is the expected value of our random variable X with respect to this u

How these tools support decision-making

Investigate whether your organization, college, or university uses data mining technologies. If found, describe the type of data mining tools used and discuss how these tool

The throughput of your file server can be improved

A few days later, however, you are not surprised when your manager expresses disappointment that the SCSI-3 upgrade does not seem to be delivering the performance improvemen

What is a buffer overflow

What methods does a social engineering hacker use to gain information about a user's login id and password? How would this method differ if it were targeted towards an admin


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