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The application of a community-oriented policing (COP) program involves addressing a specific need or problem that police officials and community members have collectively identified. One way to address the problem or need would be to apply the SARA model. The SARA model emphasizes four phases of a problem-solving process: scanning, analysis, response, and assessment. Through the SARA model of problem solving and a COP program or project, solutions can be sought that address the community members' quality-of-life issues, fear of crime, and crime prevention.

Assignment Guidelines

In 5-6 paragraphs, address the following:

Out of the following 4 SARA model components, if you had to choose 1, which do you think is the most important? Which do you think is the least important? Explain why.





What are 2 community problems where you live?

These can be vandalism, serious crimes, juvenile crime, vandalism, police misconduct, etc.

Describe the 2 problems as they are specific to your community.

Who are the perpetrators?

Who is affected?

What is currently being done about them?

Explain how you think the SARA model would aid in the solving these 2 problems.

Reference no: EM131205476

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