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1.Rocking Social Media

Check out some of the more unusual recent social media campaigns: http://smallbiztrends.com/2014/07/best-social-media-marketing-examples.html

Read this entire list of some of the best social media marketing examples and you'll find some very clever campaigns and ideas that perhaps you can use in your own or future business. Some are simple reactions to the needs of a fan or customer but ended up giving massive brand exposure. Others were calculated steps in the march toward brand awareness. All are examples of social media campaigns that go above and beyond the norm and make a real impact.

Adapt 2 ideas for a business you would like to start and explain why you think they would be successful.


1-Discuss the factors entrepreneurs should consider before launching an e-commerce site.

2- Visit three e-commerce sites on the Web and evaluate them on the basis of the Web site design principles described in this chapter. How well do they measure up? What suggestions can you offer for improving the design of each site? If you were a customer trying to make a purchase from each site, how would you respond to the design?

3. Pricing Strategies

1- Describe the strategies a small business could use in setting the price of a new product. What objectives should the strategy seek to achieve?

2- What is cost-plus pricing? Why do so many manufacturers use it? What are the disadvantages of using it?

3- Explain the technique for a small service firm setting an hourly price.

Pricing decisions are among the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs... so knowing the basics can help a lot.

Reference no: EM13831548

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