What is cost levelizing and what is its importance

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1. What is cost levelizing and what is its importance?

2. What is depreciation and what is its impact in economic calculations?

3. Define the life-cycle cost and explain how life-cycle cost analysis is performed.

4. What is life-cycle savings and what is the difference between life-cycle cost and life-cycle savings with regard to the manner in which the economic analysis is performed?

Reference no: EM131285835

Why are rf amplifiers necessary in fm receivers

1. What parameter of the intelligence signal causes or determines the rate of carrier frequency deviation 2. If you are tuned to an FM station at a frequency of 100.1 MHz, sho

How many of 16bits of a/d converter are effectively utilized

For the system used in this lab, suppose the voltage tobe measured in a certain experiment is always positive, and neverexceeds 2.5 V. How many of the 16 bits of the A/D con

What are the conditions in terms of electrical parameters

Is it possible to interface an IC with a different technology such as TTL to HCS12 ports What are the conditions in terms of electrical parameters that need to be satisfied

Estimate the worst-case voltage resolution for this test

A 10-bit 5-V ADC operates with a sampling frequency of 1 MHz. If a sinusoidal histogram test is to be conducted on this ADC with a test time of no more than 15 ms, estimate

Design datapath that consists of four four-bit psw registor

Design a datapath that consists of four four-bit, general-purpose registers and one four-bit processor status word (PSW) register. There are four status bits, carry, overflo

Discuss how might modify the design based on conclusions

Fix the value KP > 0 selected in (b), and obtaina root locus plot with respect to Kω using Matlab. Can you find a valueKω > 0 for which the closed loop system is stable Disc

Describe how a capacitor filter up the noise

How a capacitor filter up the noise, explain using logic thinking perspective method. Not using the formula to explain. (Explanation should suitable for newbie to understand

Compute the volt f the optimum threshold

a digital signal represented by a binary voltage +5.55 and -4.5V , is transmitted over an AWGN channel with noise standard dev 1.12 V.Compute the volt. f the optimum thresho


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