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Aim: This assessment requires students to conduct broad based research relating to contemporary leadership techniques and how they relate to a specific issue. They are asked to consider whether the issues are hospitality specific, or whether they are experienced across the leadership landscape. They are also asked to use the knowledge they have gained through research to speculate on their own future, considering what the key issues are likely to be for those starting out in the industry, seeking leadership roles.

Assessment brief: What is contemporary leadership in hospitality? What will be the challenges facing future leaders of the industry?

Your task is to explore the notion of contemporary leadership in hospitality. Drawing on an extensive range of academic literature
and other relevant research, choose one of the following key topic areas and explore what it means to be a contemporary leader in
today's hospitality industry, and what will be required of leaders in the future.

Topic areas (choose 1):

Organisational culture & change
Developing and sustaining staffing
Ethical leadership
Business sustainability vs socio-environmental sustainability

Having chosen your key topic area, your essay must explore the following in relation to the topic:

What are the contemporary leadership practices?
How has leadership evolved?
Are issues unique to the hospitality environment?
What will be the key challenges for new people coming into the industry, wishing to seek leadership roles?

This is a research essay, therefore, you must read broadly and draw together a wide collection of evidence to support your
arguments. There are no right or wrong answers. Your depth of analysis and supporting research will determine how effective you
are in developing and validating your response to the essay question. You are required to have at least five relevant, credible and
academic references.

2250 words.

8 harvard reference.

Reference no: EM131052745

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