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1. What is a non-compete clause? What is a confidentiality agreement? How enforceable are each and do international laws differ?

2. Do you believe all conversations with HR should be kept confidential? Why or why not?

3. What are the legal, technological and environmental factors affecting the aviation industry in the united states today.

Reference no: EM132234495

Companies offer these incentives to attract customers

Why do these companies offer these incentives to attract customers? What happens to them if they don't offer the incentive? Will customer still come to their place and do

Average time customer waits until roofing job is completed

Layson Roofing Inc. installs shingle roofs on new also old residences in Arkansas. Prospective customer's requests the service randomly at the rate of nine jobs per 30-day mon

Computerized diagnostic assemblies

A work cell is required to make 200 computerized diagnostic assemblies (for installation into hybrid automobiles) each day. The cell currently works an eight hour shift, of wh

Reinforce its culture of corporate and social responsibility

How will the company’s philosophy affect the cost and efficiency of its operation? Is Starbucks able to balance the triple bottom line and reinforce its culture of corporate a

What is the average number of customers in line

Suppose a second server is added and the 2 servers act independently, with each taking an average of 2.0 minutes. If a second teller is added, the average time a customer sp

Research of the country business ethics and values

Based on your research of the country's business ethics and values, how will you manage any conflicts that arise during negotiations? Describe how you will ensure no harm is

Any established company and perform swot analysis

Perform a SWOT analysis of the company you would like to launch OR select any established company and perform a SWOT analysis. Having identified the company's external opportu

You believe are appropriate means of birth control

What do you believe are appropriate means of birth control? Give your reasons. Do you believe that fathers should be entitled to maternity leaves from work, the same as mother


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