What is bubble pressure of the mixture at 45 °c
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Problem 12.9: Use the data below for the system benzene(1)/acetonitrile(2) at 45 °C to answer the following questions:

a) What is the saturation pressure of the pure components at 45 °C?

b) What is the phase of the pure components at 45 °C and 34 kPa?

c) Calculate the fugacity of the pure components at the conditions of part (b).

d) Two moles of benzene are mixed with 3 moles of acetonitrile under constant temperature and pressure at 45 °C and 33 kPa. What is the phase of the mixture (vapor, liquid, or mixed)?

e) What is bubble pressure of the mixture at 45 °C?

f) Mark on the graph the points before and after mixing.

g) Calculate the fugacity of the two components at the composition of the azeotrope.

h) Using data from the graph, estimate the activity coefficient of benzene at infinite dilution.


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