What is banning or destruction of religious images called

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Question 1
In textiles, the best known flat-weaves today are Turkish:
A. carpets.
B. piles.
C. kilims.
D. tugras.

Question 2
Which building were Ottoman architects like Sinan particularly inspired by?
A. The Alhambra, Granada
B. The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
C. The Great Mosque, Cordoba
D. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Question 3
Which is the central space of a longitudinal church?
A. Nave
B. Apse
C. Transept
D. Narthex

Question 4
A seven-branched Jewish candleholder is called a(n):
A. menorah.
B. mandorla.
C. codex.
D. exedra.

Question 5
What is a place of worship where Muslims gather on Fridays?
A. Adrasa
B. Qibla
C. Iwan
D. Mosque

Question 6
The pulpit from which the Imam speaks is a(n):
A. minaret.
B. madrasa.
C. minbar.
D. mihrab.

Question 7
The focal point of an Early Christian church with its altar is the:
A. apse.
B. clerestory.
C. nave.
D. narthex.

Question 8
What is the banning or destruction of religious images called?
A. Iconoclasm
B. Calvinism
C. Secularism
D. Humanism

Question 9
Which is the large semicircular element projecting from the end wall of an Early Christian church?
A. Narthex
B. Transept
C. Apse
D. Triforium

Question 10
Which is an image of a holy person?
A. Mandorla
B. Icon
C. Cheribum
D. Cloison

Question 11
In Cairo, mosques were primarily illuminated with:
A. candles.
B. glass lamps.
C. metallic lamps.
D. electric light bulbs.

Question 12
What is the angular Islamic script that developed first called?
A. Tugra
B. Iwan
C. Muqarnas
D. Kufic

Question 13
An influence on the bowl with kufic border from Samarkand is:
A. Chinese porcelain.
B. Korean celadon.
C. Greek pottery.
D. Byzantine mosaic.

Question 14
Which is an Islamic architectural decoration that appears as niche-like cells often in the transition area of wall to dome with many other decorative uses as well?
A. Iwan
B. Madrasa
C. Mihrab
D. Muqarnas

Question 15
The synagogue at Dura-Europos was located in a:
A. private home.
B. catacomb.
C. palace.
D. marketplace.

Question 16
Which of the following is a linear design based on geometric patterns and scrolling vines?
A. Kufic script
B. Tugras
C. Arabesque
D. Mandorla

Question 17
Which is NOT a type of decoration used at the Great Mosque in Cordoba?
A. Geometric motifs
B. Stylized vegetation
C. Arabic inscriptions
D. Human figures

Question 18
Which was the specialized art form developed by the Ottomans to symbolize the authority of the sultan on official seals, coins, buildings, and documents?
A. Arabesques
B. Tugras
C. Muqarnas
D. Madrasas

Question 19
Which Islamic art form was most well-known and accepted best in Europe?
A. Tugras
B. Carpets
C. Ceramics
D. Silks

Question 20
Which is the term for a building, especially a church, which has a primary space in the middle with roughly symmetrical areas placed around it?
A. A cubiculum
B. Longitudinal plan
C. Central plan
D. A basilica

Reference no: EM131329945

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