What is an average force exerted on the person

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Q. An ocean liner sailing at 43.40 m/s is caught in a current flowing 11.20 m/s at 24.7 degrees east of south what is the direction (angle) of the overall speed of ocean liner?

Q. A 2200-kg sport utility vehicle travelling at 84-km/h can be stopped in 0.25 s if it hits a concrete wall. Suppose a 60 kg person was in the car that hit this wall. The velocity of the person equals that of the car both before and after crash, and the velocity changes in 0.25 s.

what is an average force exerted on the person?

Reference no: EM1384597

What is the maximum speed

A simple pendulum has a mass of 0.450 kg and a length of 7.00 m. It is displaced through an angle of 35.0° and then released. Solve this problem by using the simple harmonic

Find the charge per unit area on the plastic sheet

A 14.2-g piece of Styrofoam carries a net charge of -0.69 µC and is suspended in equilibrium above the center of a large, find the charge per unit area on the plastic sheet

Calculate the mass of the planet from this information

If 20 grams of hot water at 80 C is poured into a cavity in a very large block of ice at 0 C, what will be the final temperature of the water in the cavity? How much ice sho

Negative plate of each connected to the negative plate

A 1.7-nF capacitor charged to 83.0 V and a 7.7-nF capacitor charged to 24.0 V are connected with the negative plate of each connected to the negative plate of the other. What

Find the angle the light beam makes with the vertical

A film of oil, with an index of refraction of 1.48 and a thickness of 1.80 cm, floats on a pool of water. A beam of light is incident on the oil at an angle, theta = 52.2° t

Calculate the focal length of your magnifying glass

By holding a magnifying glass 29cm from your desk lamp, you can focus an image of the lamp's bulb on a wall 1.8m from the lamp. What is the focal length of your magnifying g

Arsenate ions form a precipitate

Arsenic in 7,150 g of a herbicide is converted in arsenate ions (AsO4{3-}) and the arsenate ions form a precipitate of Ag3AsO4 with 25,00 ml of AgNO3 solution 0,05000 M. The

Find electric field at that point without using derivatives

If there are two point along the x-axis, positive q to the right and -q to the left of the orgin. Both with the distance a/2 from the orgin, Find the electric field at that p


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