What is affirmative action as a social policy

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Affirmative Action is a controversial topic in American society. People of all races, genders, and classes are divided on where they stand on Affirmative Action. However, the media has oversimplified Affirmative Action and many do not truly understand the policy and what it means for schools and employers. For this assignment, you will examine Executive Order 10925 and determine where you stand on this topic.

Review Executive Order 10925.

Then, write an organized short response (3 paragraphs) where you explain:

What is Affirmative Action as a social policy?

What were the goals of Affirmative Action? Has it been successful?

What are the basic arguments for Affirmative Action and what are those against it? Which side do you find the most convincing and why?

Reference no: EM13761888

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