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1. Prepare a "simple" Gantt chart for one of the following:

a. finishing your UG degree (you need at least five additional courses to use this),

b. planning a major event such as a lawn party, or reception, for 30-40 people, or

c. a project of your choice that is of comparable complexity.

2. Convert the Gantt chart (for #1) to a PERT chart.

- It may be easiest to use the drawing tools in Word or Excel. It's basically lines and circles with some text.

3. After deciding to respond to a request for a proposal (RFP), what are the first five things one should do to develop the proposal?

4. a. What is a work element?

b.   Where does the Work Element fit in a chart of activities (Gantt or PERT) when constructing a Cost Estimate?

5. a. Does this course have milestones?

b. If so, identify two different ones

c. If not, how would the course have to be different to have milestones?

Reference no: EM13899109

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