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1. In Federalist No. 10, James Madison described how a government could be designed to control the effects of __________.

A) monarchies

B) factions

C) representative government

D) political parties

E) trade associations

2. Which of the following raise money from individuals and then distribute it in the form of contributions to political candidates?

A) 527 organizations

B) coordinating committees

C) 501(c)3 organizations

D) political action committees

E) party committees

3. What is a trade association?

A) a coalition of public interest groups in a specific policy area, such as environmental policy

B) an organization that coordinates exchanges of information and resources among multiple interest groups

C) a type of labor union

D) an organization that represents businesses within a specific industry

E) an organization that represents the federal government during the negotiation of international trade agreements

4. What is a public interest group? A) a group that conducts research and analysis on public policy issues

B) a group that expresses its political views publicly

C) a group that works to gain benefits for society as a whole

D) a group that most people in society are aware of

E) a group that represents workers within a particular industry

5. In order to overcome the free rider problem, many interest groups offer material benefits. What are tangible benefits?

A) the policies that interest groups help to bring about

B) gifts given to members of Congress in return for their support on legislation

C) benefits given only to group members

D) campaign contributions to elected officials

E) bonuses given to the most effective lobbyists

6. One of the various ways in which parties contribute to democratic governance is by __________.

A) dividing the electorate

B) narrowing voter choice

C) nominating candidates

D) reducing accountability mechanisms

E) reducing inter-party competition

7. The responsible party system implies that parties should be __________.

A) more accountable regarding adherence to the party platform

B) more accountable regarding adherence to popular opinions

C) more accountable regarding electoral rules and regulations

D) more accountable to the party in majority

E) more accountable to party leaders

8. The U.S. electoral system is capable of producing a major minor party. What features largely account for it failing to do so?

Reference no: EM13259852

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