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Temp Corp. just paid a $2.25 dividend. Because of a new invention, the dividend is expected to rise at a 35% rate for two years, then a 15% rate for two more years. Then, competition will flood the market and the firm will pay a $32 liquidating dividend and cease to exist. If you require a 12% return to compensate for the risk, what is a share of the stock worth?

Reference no: EM131173331

How do companies benefit from empowering their employees

How do companies benefit from empowering their employees, and how do employees benefit from empowerment? Provide an example of a company that you have researched, or even a

Impact of information technology on logistic industry

It is recommended that your project report have the following structure in the order provided here - The Abstract consists of the project title and about half a page concise s

Project earliest completion time in days

1. What is the project earliest completion time in days? Round your answer to the nearest integer. 2. What is the EST of activity g? Round your answer to the nearest integer.

What category of business model does zipcar use

Zipcar innovatively created a new business model for the rental car industry. However, innovation may not be enough to create a sustained competitive advantage. Zipcar has bee

The department of defense

The Department of Defense(DOD) has a record of both successful projects and failed projects. Discusswhen a project is, at any organization, considered successful and when it i

Describe a hypothetical situation

Describe an incident from your own experience or even from a movie you saw where "High Context" intersected with "Low Context." Otherwise, pick a country off of Exhibit 4-4 fr

The following is not a way to manage stress in a healthy way

Stress can be defined as the process by which we perceive and respond to situations that challenge or threaten us. Which of the following is not a way to manage stress in a

Remain the same recalculate the reliability of plan

Refer to the previous problem. Assume that the single switch used in plan 1 is 98 percent reliable, while reliabilities of the machines remain the same Recalculate the reliabi


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