What is a share of stock in this company worth

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A company earns an annual profit of $50 million. There are 100 million share of stock outstanding. People expect a 9% return on stock. What is a share of stock in this company worth?

Reference no: EM13735959

What are soft laws

What are soft laws? What are the advantages and disadvantages of soft laws? Why are soft laws sometimes the outcome of negotiations on global environmental regimes?

Suppose returns on an asset are normally distributed

Suppose the returns on an asset are normally distributed. Suppose the historical average annual return for the asset was 5.8 percent and the standard deviation was 14.4 percen

Macroeconomic variables is affected

Draw a fully labeled figure of the FE line, the LM curve and the IS curve. Label the point where all three curves intersect E. Show in the figure how the curves move in respon

Essay summarizing your groups beliefs and actions

As we discussed, there are many different interest groups that exist in the United States today. For this activity, you will choose one such group and do some research to figu

Demand for employer-provided health insurance

You observe that states with higher income tax rates also tend to have higher rates of employer-provided health insurance. Is this fact a good test of the effects of tax polic

Entice additional bidders to attend your auction

In the auction described above, suppose that you could entice additional bidders to attend your auction. However, none of the new bidders would have a valuation greater than $

Elasticity of your company product is constant

Industry experts estimate that the elasticity of your company's product is a constant -1.8. However, you believe that by including a differentiating feature that costs an addi

If amazon.com''s revenue increased after

If amazon.com's revenue increased after it cut the price of books, dvds, and blu-rays what must be true about the price elasticity of demand for ordering these goods online?


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