What is a policy analysis and what are its elements

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Question: What is a policy analysis, why is it important, and what are its elements?

Please reply to my classmate response to the above questions and explain why you agree? (A minimum of 100 words or more)

Policy analysis are one of two techniques used by social science researchers to determine if current policies are effective and whether existing strategies and policies should be continued, or if they should explore new policies and strategies. Policy analysis looks at governmental behavior, where it is as much interested in the actual actions of government as in the inactivity of government and can be conducted by researchers from various fields such as criminal justice., Hagan (2014). Policy analysis also studies the policies that were drafted and implemented by the government, those which may or may not have been proposed, and those that were never implemented by the government, Hagan (2014).

Reference: Hagan, F. E. (2014). Research methods in criminal justice and criminology (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Reference no: EM132280778

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