What is a photon

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What is a Photon and how does it relate to photosynthesis?

Reference no: EM132280513

Why insulin and glucagon are hormones

Insulin and glucagon are hormones that exert their effects on the liver, and you know by now that the responses of the liver to these hormones are exactly the opposite of ea

Find bacteria present in milk sample

Suppose you were given ten ml of milk. You added 0.5 ml of the milk to 9.5 ml of sterile water. After mixing, one ml of the diluted milk was added to 99 ml of sterile water.

Explain the midgut barrier hypothesis in mosquito

Explain the "midgut barrier hypothesis" in mosquito borne arborviruses that accounts for different transmission rates or "competencies" among mosquito borne-viruses.

Role of nucleotide hydrolysis in polymer dynamics

Please assess the validity of the statement that prokaryotes do not have a cytoskeleton. If they do not have a cytoskeleton, then just simply state that. If they do have a c

Explain the processes of intramembranous ossification

Explain the processes of Intramembranous and Endochondral ossification, including the types of bones they form. For Intramembranous only know the basics, for Endochondral kn

What effect on the protein might be caused

Suppose the cryptic splice site is not accidental. The gene product of the normal allele covers 32 exons. What effect on the protein might be caused by use of the cryptic sp

Outline the effects what their effects

Suppose a person is being chased by a dog. Decide which hormones would be released in the person's body and outline the effects what their effects would be on the body. Be d

Explain their findings in the context of biochemistry

Meyer and Overton, at the turn of the last century, conducted a seminal study on the influence/efficacy of anesthetics on cell membrane fluidity. Briefly explain their findi


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