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What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? When should one be used? Argue why it would be necessary to include in a BPO contract.

What happens when there is a failure in an SLA? Use an example to analyze a failure in an SLA and how important SLAs are to the buyer in a BPO contract agreement.

describe the process of benchmarking. Giving a minimum of three reasons, persuade the CEO of an organization that benchmarking is important.

Why does a company need to know about laws such as the WARN Act? Convince the executive team that communicating information such as the WARN Act is important when a BPO contract has been signed. Use examples from current situations and discussions in class.

Are there any special considerations when outsourcing to another country? Justify why the lawyers of the company should seek outside consulting when writing international agreements.

How are service levels established? Recommend why a negotiation strategy to achieve the performance level that was an industry standard versus a corporate standard would be in the best interest of both parties.


Reference no: EM13223928

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