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(a) A consolidated income statement will show higher net profit than the parent-company-only income statement when both the parent and subsidiary have disclosed net profits in their respective income statements. Do you agree? Why?

(b) Goodwill is the excess of purchase price over the book values of the individual assets acquired. Do you agree? Why?

(c) What is a minority interest? Why do minority interests arise in connection with consolidated financial statements, but not with investments in associated companies?

Reference no: EM131340700

Explain what cagr is

The first step to informed financial statement analysis is a careful evaluation of the quality of the reported accounting numbers. No tool of financial statement analysis is

Purpose of preparing common size statements of cash flows

What is the purpose of preparing common-size statements of cash flows? What can a financial analyst learn about an enterprise by preparing a set of common-size cash flow sta

Llst the importance of non financial drivers

Llst the importance of non-financial drivers is well understood, they are often hard to measure. How should we measure the ‘softer' dimensions of Halma's performance?

Corporate reportings important role in investors decisions

Many reformers give reporting a more important and comprehensive role and attribute stock market volatility, bubbles and slumps to the alleged defects in today's reporting.

Efforts to strengthen and improve corporate governance

Efforts to strengthen and improve corporate governance around the world are ineffective without the cooperation of those involved in the production of financial information.

What transatlantic similarities in corporate scandals exist

What lessons do you draw from the scandal at Europe's largest dairy-products group?- What transatlantic similarities in corporate scandals exist other than the fallibility of

Discuss corporate reporting cannot achieve transparency

Corporate reporting cannot achieve transparency. In fact, transparency in corporate reporting is significantly constrained by considerations of cost, competition, confidenti

Discuss assets like leadership and speed cannot be valued

For the efficient functioning of market economy, reliable, timely and transparent financial information is indispensable not only for the shareholders but for all other stak


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