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Q1. Describe ionic bond, ion, polar molecule, covalent bond. What happens when you put NaCl in water? Communicate this to what happens in your body. What are hydrogen bonds and how do they affect the structure of water? What accounts for shape of a protein and what are the levels of organization for a protein? How does the shape of a protein related to its function and what are some of the functions of proteins? What is pH? Is a low pH acidic or basic? What value reflects neutral pH? What is the pH of human blood?

Q2. If an albino (autosomal recessive trait) woman is married to a man with normal colouring and they have an albino child, what is a genotype of the man?

Reference no: EM137322

Hypercholesterolemia is discussing cholesterol

A 55 year old male who is beginning to take a strain drug for his hypercholesterolemia is discussing cholesterol and its role in health and illness with his physician. Whi

A patient with hepatitis b has reduced liver function

A patient with hepatitis B has reduced liver function. How will reduced function of her liver affect levels of hormones inher blood or urine? How does PTH increase blood Ca2

What major artery branches into the coronary arteries

What major artery branches into the coronary arteries? What chamber of the heart pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs? How large is the average human heart? What is the purpos

What is odontology

Explain in detail how the following will be used in facial reconstruction: Odontology What is odontology? How is this process used in facial reconstruction?

Processed from genetically modified organisms

Should we be concerned about eating food processed from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or is this concern unfounded? Besides possible food issues, are there any othe

Which carcinogen was most likely in the pathogenesis

A 65 year old man who worked for 30 years in a chemical factory complains of blood in his urine. urien cytology discoles dysplstic cells. A bladder biobsy demostates transti

What is the reproductive system

What is the reproductive system, What organs make up the reproductive system (for both male and female), what are the functions of the reproductive system, how do genital he

Autism spectrum disorders

AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS • What are the defining features-the clinical symptoms-for a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? • How might some of the characteristic beha


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