What is a gene describe the function

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1. What is a gene? Describe the function, structure, and location within the cell.

2. What are the three stop codons? What is the start codon?

3. Compare and contrast bacterial and eukaryotic ribosomes.

Reference no: EM13788948

Ecoli with mutated oric sequences

Ecoli with mutated Oric sequences can still replicate its chromosome, though very slowly. One mechanism of this origin independent replication depends on initiation of transcr

Describe the two key indices that codis relies upon

What is CODIS? List and describe the three-tier structure inherent with CODIS. Describe the two key indices that CODIS relies upon. Which index contains the greatest number of

Effects that the different phases of rigor mortis

Describe in detail the influences and effects that the different phases of rigor mortis (delay, onset,completion, and resolution) have upon the subsequent properties (water

Brown and scarlet pigment granules

A normal Drosophila (fruit fly) has both brown and scarlet pigment granules in its eyes, which appear red as a result. Brown (bw) is a recessive allele on chromosome 2 that,

Which is an indirect value of biodiversity

Which of these is an indirect value of biodiversity? Which one of the following pollutants is responsible for the increase in skin cancer? Which of the following is a renewabl

Mendel law of independent assortment

Jack and Jill have a combination of 22 conditions. Some only Jack has. Some only Jill has. Some they both have. So some diseases will be displayed in their offspring, so

Discuss the process of natural selection

Discuss the process of natural selection as defined by Darwin. How did Darwin's theories differ from his predecessors? In your opinion, have his theories proved to be correc

Chaperone-type drugs-ratio of substrate concentration

What are chaperone-type drugs? Name some diseases or conditionsthat might be treated with this type of medication some day. How are nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA transferr


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