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Read the two articles by Sandra Stauffer (an ASU music education professor). As before, write a 250-500 word response using the questions below to guide your thinking. Post your response here.

  • Where does Stauffer believe students get their ideas for their musical creations?
  • What are the connections between what Stauffer says about students' composition processes and what we have read from previous authors (Levitin, Small, Sacks, Bernstein)?
  • What is a "core narrative"? What does Stauffer believe is the core narrative in music education? Do you agree?
  • How has this view of music education been reflected, or not, in your own experience with learning music?
  • How does Stauffer believe we can begin to re-frame and re-place music education? How might you contribute?

Stauffer, S. L. (2002). Connections between the musical and life experiences of young composers and their compositions. Journal of Research in Music Education, 50(4), 301-322.

Stauffer, S. L. (2016). Another perspective: Re-placing music education. Music Educators Journal, 102(4), 71-76.

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