What is a better way than voting registrar or driver license

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Discussion Booard: Due Thursday 9pm

We are close to the end of the class.I want you to evaluate yourself based on the different types of individuals that Week's presents in the text.Using the scenario below, discuss how you might handle this situation now.You are to write a minimum of 150 words in your Discussion Board.You are to write in the APA format 6th edition and support your work by citing sources one of which should be the textbook.

Alex and Jamie are working on a part of a grant proposal that is due tomorrow. Alex has his part ready, but Jamie has arrived at their meeting empty-handed. This grant, if approved would bring the police department money to purchase items that are not covered by the budget.

Alex: I knew this would happen! You never get stuff in on time. I should have known I couldn't count on you.

Jamie: Look, there's still this afternoon. I can work late if I have to.

Alex: This afternoon? This afternoon is too late! You can't just wait until the last minute. I told you that before. You're so irresponsible.

Jamie: Alex, just listen. I have an outline in my head; I just need to put it all on paper.

Alex: You don't have any idea how to do this proposal. I'd rather do the whole thing myself!

Jamie: Oh, right - how will that make me look? You'd better think twice about edging me out.

Alex: Oh, yeah? Why would I want to work with someone who's bringing me down?

Jamie: Bringing you down? How about all the times I helped you out?

Alex: Oh, please. The kind of help you give I don't need.

Jamie: Maybe you'd better not say things you'll regret later.

Alex: Oh, forget it.

Article Assignment:

Article Due: Article must be related to Conflict and partnerships.

You will be responsible for finding these articles for discussion and write a summary of the article to be handed in with the article. You will be graded on your participation as well as turning in the article. Each article has a theme so look at the reading schedule to see what the article must be about. Minimum 2 pages. Must have an abstract, title page, citations, and references page.

Textbook for CRJ4100 ONLY:

Weeks, D. (1994). The eight essential steps to conflict resolution; Preserving relationships at work, at home, and in the community. New York: Penguin Putnam Inc

Discussion Board:

Is it really possible to have a trial where you have a jury that is impartial? What is a better way than voting registrar or driver license in selecting a jury? Should everyone be compelled to serve on a jury? Explain your answers.

All discussion boards must have a minimum of 150 words.It must follow the APA format with citations one of which must be your text.

Movie Analysis:

All students are required to watch the following movies that depict various aspects of the court system and write a review of each movie. These movies are available through Netflix and should also be available through your local library, as they are classic films.

Movie Review Six: A Time to Kill (2008)

Movie reviews consist of the following parts:

• Introduction, with title, leading actors, director, and release date

• Summary of the story

• Analysis of story elements - like rising action, climax

• Creative elements, use of color, camera techniques, mood and tone

• Your opinion of the movie. You need to go further than just saying that it was "good" or "bad." Think about the movie in terms of what you are learning in class and how it does or does not help you understand the concepts we are discussing.

• The reviews need to be analytic, as opposed to simply descriptive; by "analytic," I mean that the paper should seek to explain or understand something, and not just to describe it. You should watch the movies with a view toward what they can teach you about the course material. Must be written in APA including abstract, citations, and references. Mininum of 2 pages written.

Textbook for CRJ3550 ONLY:

Neubauer, D. (2011). America's courts and the criminal justice system. [ 11th edition] University of New Orleans: Thomson/Wadsworth.

Reference no: EM131295036

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