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General Legal aspects of Business

Q1. Provide the legislation, codes of practice and national standards, for each of the following?:

-duty of care

-company law

-contract law

-environmental law

-freedom of information

-industrial relations law

-privacy and confidentiality

-legislation relevant to organisation's operations

-legislation relevant to operation as a business entity

-reasonable adjustment in the workplace for people with a disability

-Anti Discrimination

-unlawful dismissal rules and due process

Q2. Formulate risk management plan for any project, including occupational health and safety (OHS)?

Q3. What is the relevant legislation from all levels of government that may affect aspects of business operations, such as?

-anti-discrimination legislation

-ethical principles

-codes of practice

-privacy laws

-environmental issues


Occupational Health and Safety

Q4. What legislative frameworks govern the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in an organization such as KFC?

Q5. What is the common Personal Protective Equipment should workers at KFC wear?

Q6. Explain what information should KFC include in an OHS management plan?

Q7. What information would KFC include in an induction package of a new staff?

Q8. When is it appropriate to review the OHS management system in an organization such as KFC?

Workplace Safety

Q9.Why is it important to keep records of manufacturers' and suppliers' information including dangerous goods storage lists?

Q10. Why is it important to records of the Material Safety Data Sheet readily available in a workplace?

Q11. What is a hazardous substances register?

Q12. Why is it necessary to keep plant and equipment maintenance and testing reports?

Human Resource Management

Q13. Why is it necessary for organizations to provide information and training including training in safe operating procedures, procedures for workplace hazards, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control, and emergency and evacuation procedures?

Q14. Write a procedure to terminate staff in accordance with legal and organisational requirements where serious misconduct occurs or ongoing poor-performance occurs?


Q14. What are the relevant legislation and current requirements of the Australian Taxation Office, including GST?

Q15. What organizational record keeping requirements are required by the ATO for auditing purposes?

Q16. Where would HR Managers gather information on award and enterprise agreements, and relevant industrial instruments?

Business Structures

Q17. List 4 main legal structures a business can be set up as.

Q18. List 5 keys considerations when deciding on the structure of a business?

Q19. List 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of each legal business structure.

Q20. Explain what each of the following key methods of protecting a product or idea.

i. Copyright

ii. Design

iii. Trademark

iv. Patents

Q21. Insurance is a way a company protects its assets, resources and workers against risks. Explain why an organization would insure against the following risks?

i. property insurance

ii. liability insurance

iii. workers compensation insurance

iv. loss of gross profit insurance

v. disability insurance

Q22. Bad Debts are when a customer refuses to for goods and services they receive. List 3 ways an organization can use to recover bad debts?

Q23. Under the TRADE PRACTICES ACT the State consumer protection laws imply certain conditions and warranties in relation to goods and service. Provide 5 implied conditions and warranties.

Q24. There are Federal and State anti-discrimination laws which apply to the workplace. Direct and indirect discrimination what is prohibited in the workplace. What are the common grounds that workplaces could discriminate against?

Q25. If you were the person involved in the following court cases, in which court do you think you would appear?

Q26. You wish to obtain custody of your children.

Q27. You have had a car accident where your car has been damaged. Your repair bill is $3,000 and you wish to claim reimbursement from the driver of the other car.

Q28. You have been involved in an accident at work resulting in your becoming a paraplegic. You wish to claim compensation for your injuries.

Q29. You have been taken to court because you are unable to pay your debts.

Q30. Complete the sentences listed below, using the words or phrases from this list: courts; hierarchy of courts; Family Court; jurisdiction; appellate jurisdiction; original jurisdiction; High Court; tribunals and commissions; geographical; Trade Practices Commission; Magistrates Court.

a) __________________ is the power to hear cases on appeal.

b) ___________________are the lowest courts in the state hierarchy and hear the biggest volume of disputes.

c) ____________________can refer to: the type of subject matter brought before the court; the _______________________ area in which the court operates.

d) ____________________________ is the power to hear cases for the first time.

e) The ___________________ has jurisdiction over family matters.

f) Semi-judicial bodies are known as _________________________ and___________________.

g) The primary role of the _______________________ is to administer the law.

h) The ______________________ is the final court of appeal as it is the ultimate authority on matters of law which are decided in the courts.

i) The _______________________________________ has the power to administer the Trade Practices Act.

j) _______________________________________ is a tiered system of courts graduating from the most important at the top to the least important at the bottom.

Reference no: EM131128676

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