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1. A number of personality dimensions are identified in the textbook (Big Five, attitudes, locus of control, etc.). What are the strengths and weaknesses of some of the personality dimensions in various organizational settings? Are there certain combinations of factors (i.e., personality and environmental conditions) that might lead to "problem personalities" or "ideal personalities?" In other words, might certain combinations of qualities or levels of certain qualities create a predisposition to negative organizational behaviors in certain situations? Can those same combinations of qualities create a predisposition to positive organizational behaviors in other situations? What personality types should leaders recruit among organizational members? Are there any personality types that leaders should avoid recruiting among organizational members?

2. How might incentives stimulate positive organizational behaviors? Discuss the place of rewards and punishments for organizational members. What is it important to know? What incentives work best? What incentives are ineffective? What incentives does your current organization use? What incentives should your organization consider using?

Reference no: EM13732159

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