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The board of the company you work for has seen news articles about the carbon foot print. They have requested you should do a presentation outlining what other companies are doing, what impact the carbon footprint agenda may have on the company and the ethics of this.

The presentation on the subject matter will be attended by board of directors. The writing style has to be professional.

Choose a well-known business that operates in the UK. (E.g. Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Gap etc.)

This needs to include the two key questions that the board of directors will ask you after your presentation and your answers.

Note plagiarism will be on and you are all aware of the plagiarism rules etc.

Stated below are sub-headings that should be used to develop the report.

• Introduction (the importance of carbon footprint to the business)

• Objective

• Competitor Analysis ( 3 in the same business sector)

• Best in Class ( 2 businesses in another business sector,)

• Corporate Social Responsibility/financial benefit

• Top recommendations

• Short conclusion

• Two (2) significant questions that would be asked by the board of directors

• Two (2) significant answers that would be given in regards to questions asked.

The key area thathigher marked students got was tangible evidence how the learning points helped the competitors and best-in-class. Lower marked students just put something like they have implemented this/that and the other. The Directors could say 'So What?' or ' What difference has it made?' . This is the kind of info that would help.

Reference no: EM13261730

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