What hypothesis did the researcher study
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This assignment is to be typed and double spaced between 1000 and 1500 words. Follow the guidelines tit style according to the American Psychological Association.

You have presented your ideas for a research project. The next step is to learn if other scientists have completed the same or similar projects. Provide information from at least four studies from other researchers that you believe relates to your idea. As you review the literature, articles and studies, address these questions.

• What hypothesis did the researcher study?

• What methods did the researcher use: case study; naturalistic observation; laboratory observation; experiment; psychological tests: survey or correlation?

• What types of subjects were recruited: male, female, children, adults?

• And what were the results?

• Will these results or findings change the way you decide to conduct your own research?

Present the research information you gathered from these studies and your conclusions as they relate to your own research idea. Be sure to explain fully each of the areas in your own words and indicate with quotation marks any material taken directly from an article or study.
Include a Work Cited page and list your references as in the examples below.

Book - Wade, Carole, & Tavris, Carol (2010) PSYCHOLOGY 10th Edition. Pages 37 -67. Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Journal - Pennebaker, James W. (1997) Writing about emotional experiences as a therapeutic process. PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE, 8, pages 162 - 166.

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