What helped convince them to create stronger passwords

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Community Site Activity The Information Security Community Site is a Course Technology/Cengage Learning information security course enrichment site. It contains a wide variety of tools, information, discussion boards, and other features to assist learners. Go to community.cengage.com/infosec. Sign in with the login name and password that you created in Chapter 1. Visit the Discussions section and go to Security+ 4e Case Projects. Select the appropriate case project, and then read the following case study. Take the challenge to convince three of your friends that they must strengthen their passwords. Create a script of what you will say to them and how you will attempt to convince them of the seriousness of this problem, the dangers of weak passwords, and what the practical solutions are. Then approach each of them individually and see if you can be successful. Make a record of their responses and reactions to stronger passwords. Record what occurred on the Community Site discussion board. What did you learn? How hard or easy is it to challenge users to create strong passwords? What arguments did you hear against it? What helped convince them to create stronger passwords?

Reference no: EM131407052

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