What health informatics means in australia
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For this assessment you are to write a short essay between 500 – 1000 words on your understanding of what health informatics means in Australia. You need to provide examples of health informatics to demonstrate your understanding. You do need to reference your information so please use credible resources of information dated within the last 5 years. Please provide a cover page using Appendix A of the Guide to Assignment Presentation (GAP) 


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Health informatics is a new and evolving branch of science which deals with the collection, storage, retrieval and use of the data related to health. This discipline utilizes the technology of information science for the purposes of problem solving, providing quality health care and decision making (Dinakarpandian, 2010).

The main aim of the health informatics is to provide the highest quality of health care to the consumers through the health professionals by the use of the previous recorded information (Blumenthal, &Tavenner, 2010).

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